Founded in 2014, Social Syndicate (SS) is a San Diego-based restaurant development group with a track record of revitalizing and creating popular and profitable restaurant concepts. With more than 45 years of collective experience among SS’s board of directors, they’ve acquired the experience and insight to both successfully turnaround “dead” properties and identify new opportunities and trends.

Each of SS’s venues has its own unique identity. There is no cookie-cutter approach. As SS develops new projects, the neighborhood and customer base are key considerations in the venue’s physical design, menu planning, and philanthropic efforts.

SS is passionate about what it does

• Driven by true "Ho'okipa" (Hospitality)

• Caring for its employees

• Day to day involvement

• Giving back to communities

SS mixes professional and personal passions together, throws in some ice, creating one delicious cocktail.
It’s how (and why) SS works, plays and succeeds.